13-Carat Pink Gem Diamonds Rough Sells for Nearly $9 Million

    Gem Diamonds sold  this thirteen point thirty three-carat sort I rough pink diamond at tender in city this month, setting a price-per-carat auction record for a stone recovered from the Let?eng mine in Lesotho.

13 carat pink gem diamonds

LondonGem Diamonds has declared the sale of a special diamond.

    Last month, the labourer same it had recovered a thirteen point thirty three-carat sort I pink diamond from the Let?eng mine in Lesotho.

    Now, Gem Diamonds has sold  the exceptional stone at a young in city for $8.8 million, or roughly $656,441 per carat, to associate covert party.

    RELATED CONTENT: As Argyle Nears Its finish, costs for Reds and Pinks Soar.The company same its a record dollar-per-carat value for any diamond recovered at Leteng definitely has made some unbelievable diamonds in its time period. In 2018 alone, Gem Diamonds mammary gland up fifteen stones at the Lesotho mine consideration over a hundred carats.

Among these stones was the Lesotho Legend, a 910-carat rough white diamond that sold  for $40 million, or $43,956 per carat.

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